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Dhubri District At a Glance

|| The Gateway of Western Assam ||

               Dhubri District - the gateway of western Assam happened to be in the past a meeting place of different racial groups which mingled together and formed a unique Cultural Heritage and Historical Background. The growth of blended culture in this region particularly in case of Language, Art and Religion is due to continuous process of assimilation of various races,scaste & creed of local people,invaders & migrated people.Dhubri District is bounded both by inter-state and international border i.e. West Bengal and Bangladesh in the west, Goalpara and Bogaigoan district of Assam and Garo Hills district of Meghalaya in the east, Kokrajhar district in the north, Bangladesh and state of Meghalaya in the south.Covering an area of 2,838 Sq. Kms. including forests, riverines, hills etc. the district has become the most densely populated district in India with a density of 584 persons per Sq. Km.(As per 2001 census).

               Dhubri district is primarily dependent on agriculture and forest products. Main source of income is paddy with surplus production than its requirment Jute and mustered seed occupy the major share of cash crops. From forest mainly timber and bamboo add to the income though boulder and sand also available. Fish, milk, meat and egg have small contribution to the economy. Land revenue collection is very small in amount whereas excise duty occupies a lion's share of the Govt. exchequre.